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Sun Light

Sun Light

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Sun Light: A Radiant Ode to Nature

Sun Light is a fragrance that beautifully captures the essence of nature's bounty, blending rich, luxurious notes with the invigorating freshness of Mediterranean orange flowers. This scent embodies elegance through the presence of tuberose and serenity with the harmonious fusion of mandarin and bergamot. As it unfolds, the fragrance unveils precious musk, accompanied by the gentle caress of sandalwood's softness.

Top Notes: The fragrance opens with a sun-kissed bouquet of mandarin, pear, and bergamot. These top notes create an uplifting symphony of fruity and citrusy freshness that awakens the senses.
Middle Notes: The heart of Sun Light is a lush garden of jasmine and peach, where the captivating allure of orange blossom is at its peak. These middle notes infuse the fragrance with a floral sweetness that enchants and delights.
Base Notes: Sun Light's base notes are a harmonious blend of tuberose, cedar, and musk, complemented by the soothing embrace of sandalwood. This foundation provides depth and longevity, leaving an enduring impression.

Sun Light is an olfactory journey that transports you to the Mediterranean's radiant landscapes. It is a celebration of nature's elegance, serenity, and softness, all captured within the delicate notes of this exquisite fragrance. Embrace the beauty of Sun Light and experience the warmth and radiance it brings to your life.

Dermatologically Tested.

Product Quantity: 100ml

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