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Make-Up Primer Tinted Luminous

Make-Up Primer Tinted Luminous

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Tinted Luminous Makeup Primer – a luxurious, subtly pearlescent gem that bestows your skin with a natural, non-greasy tinted glow.
Crafted with precision, this primer takes your skin on a radiant journey:
  • Seamlessly concealing fine lines and pores, it creates a flawless canvas, all while infusing a captivating luminosity through its featherlight formula and sheer touch of color.
  • Watch as your complexion blooms with a tinted brilliance, leaving it appearing brighter and revitalized.
Revel in the versatility:
  • Apply it beneath your foundation for an enduring luminous finish that sets the stage for impeccable makeup.
  • Elevate your beauty game by mixing it flawlessly with your foundation, unlocking an inner radiance that glows through your skin.
  • Enhance your look further by gently applying it as a highlighter after foundation application, adding a touch of mesmerizing allure.

Experience the transformative allure of our Tinted Luminous Makeup Primer – your key to a naturally radiant, captivating visage that exudes timeless beauty.

Dermatologically Tested

Product Quantity: 30ml


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