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Nail Expert Black Diamond Hardener

Nail Expert Black Diamond Hardener

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Nail Expert Black Diamond Hardener, your key to achieving harder, more resilient nails enriched with the power of black diamond particles.

- Diamond Reinforcement: Infused with double-patented ingredients, this hardener contains micro diamond particles and a specialized hardening agent that work in harmony to instantly fortify thin, weak, and brittle nails. They create a robust, glossy shield that enhances nail strength.
- Ultimate Protection: The quick-drying hardener forms a protective barrier that helps prevent unsightly chipping, breaking, and splitting of nails.
- Long-Term Results: With regular use over four weeks*, witness the transformation of your nails into stronger, more durable assets.

How to Use:
1. Gently shake the bottle.
2. Apply one coat of the hardener to clean, dry nails as a base coat. Allow it to thoroughly dry before applying nail lacquer.
3. For enhanced protection, apply two coats on bare nails.
4. For optimal hardening results, consistently apply two coats once a week.

Nail Expert Black Diamond Hardener combines the strength of black diamond particles with advanced hardening technology to help you achieve nails that are not only beautiful but also incredibly resilient.

Dermatologically Tested.

Product Quantity: 11ml

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