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Contour Powder Kit

Contour Powder Kit

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Introducing our exclusive Contour Powder Kit, a versatile palette with three shades meticulously curated for sculpting, bronzing, and illuminating your complexion. This kit is your go-to tool for crafting authentic dimension and depth to your facial features.

Step 1: Sculpt (CONTOUR)
Using a brush, delicately apply the darker powder along the sides of your nose and within the contours beneath your cheekbones. To find your cheekbones, simply suck in your cheeks! For an extra touch of definition, extend the contour along your jawline, the sides of your chin, and seamlessly blend along your hairline.

Step 2: Warm (BRONZE)
With the same brush, lightly dust the bronze powder just above the contour shade on your cheekbones. To add a touch of warmth to your overall complexion, apply the bronzer to your nose, chin, and forehead.

Step 3: Illuminate (HIGHLIGHT)
Apply the lighter powder to the center of your forehead, along the bridge of your nose, and down to the center of your chin. Enhance your radiant glow by also applying it to the tops of your cheekbones.

Achieve a harmonious blend:
Unify all three powders with your brush, ensuring a seamless transition between shades for a flawless, sculpted look.

Discover the artistry of contouring and bronzing with our Contour Powder Kit – your ultimate companion for creating captivating dimension and a naturally enhanced complexion.

Dermatologically Tested

Product Quantity: 3x3.5g

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