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Nail Expert Smoothing Base Nail Foundation

Nail Expert Smoothing Base Nail Foundation

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Experience the ultimate in nail perfection with Nail Expert Smoothing Base Nail Foundation. This innovative formula, enriched with mineral particles and an advanced plant stem cell complex, delivers a silky smooth finish and impeccable nail coverage.

Key Features:
- Mineral-Infused: Contains minerals that effectively fill in nail ridges and conceal imperfections, creating a flawless canvas in an instant.
- Anti-Oxidizing and Hydrating: Our advanced formula boasts patented ingredients, along with vitamins E and C for anti-oxidizing benefits and optimal nail hydration.
- Stem Cell Complex: Infused with stem cell complexes derived from Rose and Grape, our nail foundation promotes anti-oxidation and helps prevent premature aging of nail keratin.
- Discoloration Concealer: Conceals nail discoloration and yellowing, leaving your nails with a natural and healthy-looking finish.
- Long-Lasting: Ensures a smooth and long wear for your nail lacquer, providing a flawless base for your manicure.

How to Use:
1. Apply to clean, bare nails for best results.
2. As a base coat: Apply one coat under your nail lacquer to protect and enhance the longevity of your manicure.
3. As a natural nail makeup: Apply two coats directly to bare nails for a beautifully smooth and polished look.

Elevate your nail game with Nail Expert Smoothing Base Nail Foundation, your key to achieving picture-perfect nails with ease.

Dermatologically Tested.

Product Quantity: 11ml

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