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Liquid Glow Illuminator Tinted Prime & Highlight

Liquid Glow Illuminator Tinted Prime & Highlight

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Liquid Illuminator, your key to achieving a radiant complexion that exudes sheer perfection. This illuminator is thoughtfully infused with a multifunctional moisturizing agent, offering not only a radiant glow but also hydration and skin protection.
Discover the magic of its sheer texture:

  • Delight in the glossy reflections it imparts, creating a youthful, naturally radiant look with a luminous finish that elevates your complexion to new heights.

Embrace its versatility:

  • For an ethereal overglow, apply before your foundation or blend it seamlessly with your foundation, unveiling a radiant luminescence that defies expectations.
  • Elevate your beauty game by adorning the high points of your face – your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your chin – with this illuminator, adding a captivating highlight effect that enhances your natural beauty.

Unlock the secrets to an effortlessly illuminated visage with our Liquid Illuminator – your ticket to a radiant, picture-perfect complexion that leaves a lasting impression.

Dermatologically Tested

Product Quantity: 30ml

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