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Mineral Terracotta Powder - 04

Mineral Terracotta Powder - 04

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Mineral Terracotta Powder – the ultimate solution for impeccable coverage, delivering a natural, velvety, and flawlessly smooth finish to your skin. This unique formula is enriched with a blend of essential minerals, including zinc oxide, mica, silica, kaolin, and magnesium.
Key Benefits:

  • Revel in the transformative power of minerals that work harmoniously to create a protective barrier between your skin and environmental stressors, safeguarding your complexion.
  • Experience the radiant, youthful, and flawless look that our Mineral Terracotta Powder bestows upon your skin.

Elevate your beauty routine with Golden Rose Mineral Terracotta Powder – your gateway to a luminous and protected complexion that radiates beauty and vitality.

Dermatologically Tested

Product Quantity: 12g

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