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Prodigy Gel Combo 2


Combo 2

  1. Prodigy Gel Duo – 03
  2. Prodigy Gel Duo – 09
  3. Prodigy Gel Duo – 19
  4. Prodigy Gel Duo – 23

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Prodigy Gel Duo from Golden Rose gives the “gel look”, gives a perfect shine and shiny finish. 

It lasts more than 7 days and dries in natural light without the need for a UV lamp. 

It is easily removed like any common acetone free varnish.
The top coat is included as a gift in the package !!!

Instructions for use

Apply two coats of the base color and let it dry for 2 minutes. 

Then apply a coat of Gel Top Coat and let it dry in natural light (No UV lamp needed).


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