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Headquartered in Europe, Golden Rose develops, manufactures and distributes its own full line of skin care and colour cosmetic products, sold in over 93 countries to 5 continents.

Golden Rose has many assets including scientific skills, advanced techniques, conscientiousness and exceptional efficiency, constant concern for perfection, creativity and desire to innovate fostered by many international interactions.

Golden Rose products enjoy commercial success in many countries across the globe and have been manufacturing outstanding products since 1983. Our factory combines state of the art technology with the newest achievements and discoveries of modern dermatology and cosmetology.


Golden Rose has been promoted at a number of conventions and fairs throughout South Africa. The brand has been well received within the Bridal Market, Make-Up Academies and even amongst television shows which are currently sampling this product on their presenters.

Golden Rose entered the South African cosmetics market twelve years ago which has been enriched by their various products and their wide range of applications. Following this successful trial, our company is ready to launch into the wider retail market.

Our key strength is the affordability of our high-end quality products.

Our products offer exceptional quality and incorporate the latest innovations and trends in cosmetology.

The high efficacy of our products has been by a number of outstanding dermatologists who are consistently working towards improving and developing innovative products.

All products undergo rigorous laboratory testing throughout the production process to ensure that no side effects are experienced with the use of the Golden Rose products.

Our products are not tested on animals. Raw materials are imported to our European factory from all over Europe ensuring superb, market leading cosmetic products.

The Golden Rose line includes hundreds of products, addressing the full spectrum of skincare, cosmetic and colour needs of all women.

Using state of the art technology and the finest ingredients available, the company takes pride in its pioneering use of advanced formulations, sometimes years ahead of competitors.